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Now you’re all signed up you’ve probably got a few questions, like what we do with your data? What types of offers are available both personal and generic? Number of offers and where does the money and rewards actually come from?

Firstly our job is to provide you with relevant and personalised offers and brands. Some weeks you might see a few and others you might not see any, don’t be alarmed either way. As you know we’re a start up and at the beginning of this revolution, we’re testing things to see what works and stopping things that you don’t find useful. The more users we have, the more and better offers we’ll have from brands, so please bear with us.

Your Data and the Money

Our mission is simple, to make you money. Not by selling your data, but by analysing it and enabling brands to target behaviours such as your online searches or websites visits. This is how Google and Facebook currently make their money. Brands pay them a lot of money to access you and they know a lot about you from online activity. With Get My Slice instead of brands paying the likes of Google and Facebook they pay you direct for the chance to connect with you through a chat or action.

By connecting your digital accounts, you can download your Online activity, and through Get My Slice share in this multi £billion advertising industry. More data = more money for you!

Personalised and Generic Offers

As you know our focus is on personalised offers tailored to you. But sometimes we come across things that are more generic and more akin to a rewards app (which we’re not) we currently offer these to you as an added extra. We’ve been having a think about whether to include both personalised and these generic offers more often. We’ve already been experimenting with both.

We’d love to get your feedback on what you’d prefer – please take a mo to fill out our poll;

Generic v Personalised

Generic offers are ok with me
Just personalised intro’s please


If you have any questions and suggestions please get in touch, we are listening!

Team #GetMySlice

https://support.getmyslice.com/ for more detail