Reclaim Your Data
and Get Paid

Welcome to slice, we’re glad to have you onboard.

As you know, companies like Google and Facebook make billions selling advertising to brands. They use your data to get rich, whilst you get nothing.

Slice flips this, with Slice YOU get paid for connecting with brands.

But there’s (50) more…

We can’t start our revolution alone, that’s why we’re calling you to join us in the exclusive Slice Founders Club. Every time you spread the word about Slice, we reward you as an early member. In the future, you’ll be able to trade your points in for cash.

Why play small when you can have a bigger piece of the pie. It’s our mission to make every point you earn worth £1,000, giving you the potential to earn up to £50,000.

As a member of the Slice Founders Club you can earn Founder Points for spreading the word about Slice. These points are like having a share in our company

In the future you will be able to trade your points in for cash. Their value will be based on the value of Slice as a company, meaning the more successful Slice is, the more money you can make.

Also the more people we all get onboard, the better the offers will be for everyone and the more everyone can earn. 

To start earning Founder Points right now, just go to the Founders Club inside the app and start sharing Slice with everyone you know.

Look for the FC logo in the app.