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Introducing Get My Slice

Reclaim Your Data

Get My Slice is the new revolutionary app that cuts out the middleman, empowering you with the opportunity to control the data that is stored about you and make money from it.

All it takes is three easy steps and you’re on your way to partnering with key brands and earning cash while you do. Win, win, right?

So that weekend break, new restaurant visit or your weekly shop is covered in a matter of swipes!

Join the Revolution

For years big corporate companies have been making money from YOUR data, while you get nothing. 

We are living in unprecedented times, and we believe that it’s time that people reclaim their power and take back control of their data. 

Get My Slice enables you to ensure YOU get your share of the value of YOUR data at every opportunity. 

3 easy steps


Get My Slice downloads your data from companies like Google and Facebook into one secure place


Get My Slice analyses your data and matches you with brands who want to chat and make you relevant offers


You earn money by accepting chats or offers. An average person could make up to £1,200 per year!