Revolutionary DTC advertising platform.

Get My Slice is a new channel to engage directly with consumers based on a rich data set

Leveraging GDPR data from fully opted in members to pull in their browsing, search and purchase history across Google, Facebook, Amazon and others.  This data is used to score each member based on the products and services they are in market for and introductions are made to brands like yours via the GMS App when there’s a fit.

Get My Slice operates on a performance basis (CPA/CPL) so its risk free to you the brand and the best bit is that we actually share the money we earn directly back with our members. 80% of the acquisition fee is directly passed back to our members as cash, meaning they win from completing an action online, such as purchasing a product, that they were in market for anyway.

We are currently seeing a significant uplift in searches for consumer electronics, gifting, mobiles, network/broadband providers.

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Our member data is BIG, RICH and ACTIVE

With Get My Slice you can engage with actual user behaviour as it happens. Our members download their data and expect us to analyse that data to understand what they are interested in, what they are searching for and what they want. We can do this via their Search data, their browsing history and their app usage so we can connect them directly with Brands they’d be interested to hear from. We know our members inside out and that’s how they like it because they get paid for it. Your brand gets access to super warm to boiling hot leads who are open to hearing from you – it’s a win win for both parties.

Smash your conversion targets

If you are already buying your media through CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA let us show you how Get My Slice can drive real meaningful conversations and actions.

We run on a CPL and CPA model so coming on board is low risk.  Because our users have downloaded our app and shared their data, they are expecting to hear from brands that are of interest and relevant to them, you can’t get much hotter than that!

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