Offers… That pay you!

Looking for something online?  The NEW FREE Get My Slice app will match you with Brands and earn you money for engaging with them

GET fantastic personalised offers straight to your mobile, with an added bonus

Finding that product or service on the internet can be challenging, you are inundated with websites, reviews and adverts when all you want is to find the best fit for you.

Get My Slice cuts out all that hard work. Using your digital footprint * our App matches you directly to brands offering what you’re looking for.

But that’s not all. Get My Slice ensures you get a Slice of the action. When a brand pays us for the introduction to you, we pay you. So it’s Win Win!

* the data you make when you’re online visiting websites, making searches, buying stuff

our partnership with

For every new customer who accepts an offer, Get My Slice will donate 50p to planting trees in the tropics. If you donate a percentage of your Get My Slice earnings you can make an even bigger difference.

"Personal data should be exactly that, personal.

We now know many companies have been cashing in on our data without our approval. Get My Slice is the perfect way for people to take back their power and make decisions on how and why our data can be used.

This partnership for us is yet another way to empower the consumer, the fact that Get My Slice has committed to planting a tree for everyone who signs up gives me hope, in the UK alone we could plant over 60m trees by an action that supports consumers being put back in the driving seat.

Just imagine if those consumers also commit to donating £50 a year from their data earnings, together we could not only make a huge difference but actually mitigate climate change forever!

Jarvis Smith
Co founder My Green Pod

How it works

How It Works; Share your digital footprint to set up your profile. Get My Slice securely and anonymously uses this to match you with brands who want to engage with you, sometimes they will pay you and sometimes they will reward you!


Brands may want to chat in-app with people like you, when they do, they will pay you for it 

(this is based on your Digital footprint)


Brands will pay you to do something, like sign-up for a bank account, take a test drive or buy something

(this is based on your Digital footprint)


We get asked by brands to send offers to our members, these are not always personalised but we strive to make them relevant. This could be samples, cashback and much more!