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We started Get My Slice as we wanted to find a way to enable people to participate in the global data economy. It is now well documented how big tech has transformed to enable surveillance capitalism at a phenomenal scale.

There is a movement towards privacy and we are witnessing start-ups and behemoths start to tackle this. Web3 is powering a lot of these new start-ups, not just with tokens but from actual change. They’re building transparent, private and open software allowing anyone with an internet connection and a device to both create, participate and power these networks.

Our ethos is different to that of pure privacy and blocking solutions. We believe that people should be able to participate in this economy and as such be rewarded for the value they bring. As such we believe we need to transition from a world of old school thinking to that of a new, modern and open approach.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet with a focus on privacy and decentralisation which means an internet owned and operated by users. This paradigm shift in ownership from companies to users is still in its early days.

We’re building the largest ethical consumer data platform on the planet. Our mission is to enable people to extract real value from their data by connecting them with buyers.

The benefits

The transition benefits everyone involved, both now and in the future.

Get My Slice x

We are working with to realise our ambition. Network has been actively pushing for a Web 3 driven digital economy wherein users are in control and have the granular ability to provide/revoke access to data. Evidenced by its existing partnerships across the enterprise ecosystem notably Bosch and Festo, Fetch-ai network is now driven by its vision to help onboard existing Web 2.0 companies to an interconnected ecosystem of Web 3.0 Dapps within Fetch-ai Network focusing on data privacy, and smarter automation technology. The key to lowering the barrier of entry for non-crypto users is by deploying Dapps which will introduce new mainstream audiences to the exciting world of Web 3.0.

"We are constantly looking for use cases that leverage the core tenets of Web 3.0 and give all the participants equitable control with fine grained incentivization avenues. Use cases around data sharing based rewards such as the Get My Slice product offering can benefit using the Fetch-ai Network's Web 3.0 tech stack of blockchain, agent based automation and AI to democratize data sharing."

Kamal Ved, Chief Product Officer logo

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Active users

We’ve already onboarded 40,000 active users who are able to access data rewards.

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