How to save even more with subscription services

As the cost of living rises, you might be looking for ways to save by cutting back on your expenses. Or even looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Subscription services during the pandemic were the most popular good with consumers spending almost £1.4bn on subscriptions in 2020. Since then, the UK subscription market has grown by 23% with people continuing to look forward to home deliveries. But with every day expenses on the rise, many are wondering if they could save by cancelling some of their favourite subscriptions. Research from shows that choosing multiple subscription services over one-off purchases can cost you £469 per month in the UK. This might sound like a lot, but it is still cheaper than buying the same items in a shop, which could cost £548.

The Independent and took a look at how much popular subscription services cost in comparison to purchasing in person. You could save even more on your subscription services, as well as earn rewards when you sign up via Get My Slice. Check out some of our favourite subscription services below to see how you earn rewards.

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Subscription services that you can save money on & earn rewards on:

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Audio books

If you plan on reading more than one book a month, an Audible subscription works out cheaper than buying individual books. A monthly subscription costs £7.99 per month and gives you access to a huge library of books and podcasts. Plus when you sign up via Get My Slice you can get 50% off your first 3 months plus an earn £8 reward. This way you can save as well as earn some extra cash.


Beauty boxes

If you find yourself stocking up regularly on beauty products signing up to beauty box subscription could save you more money in the long run. Beauty Pie gives you access to the world’s best beauty products at up to 80% off the typical retail prices. You can earn a £5 reward from your purchase by signing up via Get My Slice.


Similarly, Glossybox allows you to try a range of beauty products and is 75% cheaper than if you made a one-off purchase of the individual box each month. On top of this you can get up to £12 back on your purchase.


Gym subscriptions

The average gym membership can cost you from as little as £9.99 per month to upwards of £50 or more. Plus, oftenyou’re limited to accessing just one gym. A gym subscription with Hussle costs £19.99 per month & gives you access to to thousands of gyms, pools and spas across the country, without the need to sign a contract or pay induction fees. Signing up via Get My Slice gives you added bonuses of getting a free 7 day trial to Hussles monthly pass, 15% off your first month & 20% back.


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